Middletown Energy Center


Middletown Energy Center


NTE Energy is currently constructing the Middletown Energy Center, a nominal 475 MW natural gas electric generating facility in Middletown, Butler County, Ohio. The project will be one of the most efficient and clean sources of capacity and energy in PJM, the regional transmission organization. The project will employ Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc. (MHPSA) advanced turbine technology in a combined cycle configuration, utilizing the exhaust heat of the gas turbine to produce steam to generate additional energy in a steam turbine generator.

When the project is operational, the Middletown Energy Center will supply the power needs of approximately 400,000 homes and represent an investment of over $600 million, providing numerous benefits to the city, county and state economies.

Project Highlights:

Technology: Combined Cycle utilizing MHPSA advanced Combustion Turbine

Fuel: Natural Gas

Net Output: Nominal 475 MW

Location: Cincinnati Dayton Rd, Middletown, OH

Investment: Over $600 million

Jobs: 300-400 during Construction | 25-30 during Operation


Project Milestones:

Site Secured: 2013

Interconnection Application: 2013

Major Permit Applications: 1Q 2014

Major Permits Received: 4Q 2014 

Start Construction: October 2015

Commercial Operation Date: 2018